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Old News

Real News

The real news can be found on the main page of this project.

PD, 3. Chs 3171

Ah, the Multi Platform RAM Defragmentation project finally has arrived in the yold 3171, or year 2005, or how you want to call it. And yes, we're still working very hard on the next release.

SO, 36. Bcy 3170

Version 0.0.7 of the Palm OS port is finished; see our Palm OS page for details.

SM, 32. Bcy 3170

Hey, our artwork team did a really nifty "shortcut icon" for this homepage - just in case you didn't notice it already.

BT, 46. Cfn 3170

It seems our development cycle is slowing down a bit. The cause of this are millions of other duties our development team is involved in. Don't be afraid, though, we're working on the next release - but it may take a while.

BT, 64. Dsc 3170

A few minutes ago version 0.3.1 was uploaded to our download page which mainly features a new analyze-only option in command-line mode (which may be of use in cronjobs or the like) as well as some bugfixes concerning cross-compilation and cross-platform support.

SO, 47. Dsc 3170

Just in case you wondered: No, this project isn't dead. And we'll release version 0.3.1 soon - at least we try to.

SM, 23. Dsc 3170

We are very proud to announce that finally, version 0.3 is approaching. It should pop out from a download location near you this very night.

SM, 18. Dsc 3170

Oh, yes, remember what we told about version 0.3, on 3170-01-72? Possibly we've been exaggerating a bit - it will take a few more days. Stay tuned, and kindly excuse any inconvenience.

SM, 3. Dsc 3170

The ramdefrag port to Palm OS is now in pre-alpha state.
Update: The Palm OS port now has its own homepage.

BT, 72. Chs 3170

Version 0.2.5 was released during the night; new features include a command line interface, some nice looking graphics in the GUI, as well as some mighty changes 'under the hood'. And we are working very hard on version 0.3, which is expected to be finished around 17th Dsc (31st of march in christian dates).

PD, 58. Chs 3170

As Ramdefrag compiles and works under a great variety of operating systems, this project has been renamed to 'Multi Platform RAM Defragmentation'.

SM, 31. Chs 3170

Finally, Version 0.2 is finished! Changes from 0.2rc1 include a manpage, a translation to swedish, as well as some bugfixes and enhancements, most of them to ease compiling under non-GNU/Linux-systems. Try it, you won't regret it!

SO, 30. Chs 3170

RPM Packages for version 0.2rc1 are now available. Version 0.2 (without 'rc') will soon be finished.

SM, 26. Chs 3170

A swedish translation is underway - stay tuned. As always, check out the latest CVS version if you can't wait.

PD, 13. Chs 3170

Version 0.2rc1 released, featuring lots of improvements, translations to french and german, and new, mind-blowing H.O.R.S.T.I. technology! Try it out!

~ PP, 4. Chs 3170

Ramdefrag 0.1 released. This project is currently in active developement, so it won't hurt to wait for version 0.2 (with much more features) which should be available in a couple of days. If you can't wait, check out the latest CVS version.

PD, 3. Chs 3170

Created and uploaded initial homepage.

BT, 2. Chs 3170 project registration has been approved.

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