RAM Defragmentation for Palm OS


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SO, 36. Bcy 3170

Version 0.0.7 has been finished and is available at our download section. Changes to version 0.0.5 mainly consist of user interface improvements - for example, you should notice that ramdefrag has another (hopefully nicer) icon now. There are no changes in functionality because it already seems almost perfect.

BT, 4. Dsc 3170

The ramdefrag port to Palm OS has its own homepage now.

What is it?

'Multi Platform RAM Defragmentation' is a so-called Memory Defragmenter, also called RAM defragmenter, RAM/memory booster, RAM/memory optimizer, etc.
By its visionary design, 'Multi Platform RAM Defragmentation' makes your computing platform run faster while simultaneously increasing system stability, and testers all over the world report that it also does a great job in delivering world peace and harmony.
This page is dedicated to the Palm OS version of 'Multi Platform RAM Defragmentation' as it differs in some aspects from the 'standard' version.


These screenshots were taken from version 0.0.5 of the ramdefrag Palm OS port.

[1st screenshot] [2nd screenshot] [3rd screenshot]


This FAQ covers Palm OS-specific questions. For general ramdefrag questions have a look at the FAQ on the default project homepage.

Download and Usage

Download the ramdefrag package here. Unzip and either compile from the included source or use the precompiled binary. See the included README for detailed instructions.
To upgrade a previously installed version, just install the new version - the old one will then be overwritten.

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